Vastu Consultation

vastu_consultationVastu Shastra is the science of designing buildings / abode in accordance with the laws of nature. These laws state that the balance of the five elements must be maintained in order for beneficial cosmic energy to enhance your environment.

    • Earth  (Bhumi)
    • Water  (Jal)
    • Fire  (Agni)
    • Air  (Vayu)
    • Space (Akasha)

In Modern Architecture, Vastushastra is a foundation of ideas and thus it is of great help during planning stage, construction stage or finishing stage and decoration stage.

We provide Vastu Consultation Services for:

Vastu consultation is normally provided at following phases:

Phase 1: While Selection of Plot / Building / Flat / Office / Premises before finalizing deal.

Phase 2: While Planning to Renovate/ Setting up your Home / Office / Premises / Factory.

Phase 3: Existing already occupied property be it Home / Office / Premises / Factory.

Our Working Methodology:

Step 1: Physical Visit of the Premises and on the spot consultation verbally after taking measurements & studying the Vastu.

Step 2: Post site visit complete report including the following:

    1. Existing layout
    2. Modified layout without civil changes consisting re-organising your interiors
    3. Modified layout with civil changes
    4. Suggestions on Vastu Remedies / Doshas

Benefits of Vastushastra / Remedies:

    • Peace, Prosperity, Harmony & Good health.
    • Financial progress & Stability.
    • Academic progress, leadership & command.
    • Proper control over the unit and stability can be achieved.
    • Better Marital-relationships & Harmony in family.
    • Harmony among the people at work level.
    • Smooth & steady progress in business & organization.
    • Project Completion within Stipulated Time-Period.
    • Cost-control and increased profits.
    • Improving marketing potential of your property.
    • Control in leakages and losses.
    • Blockage of funds safe-guarded.
    • Leakage and losses can be controlled
    • Longer lasting positive effects to all inhabitants of proposed projects.
    • Almost all aspects of life are influenced by Vastu.

Note: We charge nominal fees for our services.