Astrology Services

Every Human cycle has positive and negative periods. A person knowingly or unknowing does various types of Karmas. With Great interest and curiosity everyone wants to reach his or her destiny. But what is this destiny? And what do you want to achieve from your life, still remains unclear. Choosing the correct path can only lead you to reach your desired destiny. You are always surrounded by one big question?  Which option, alternative and path to take! In this case only an astrologer can help you finding the right path, which will lead to achievement of your desired objective.

We provide following Vedic Astrology and KP Astrology Services:

janmakundaliMaking Horoscope (Janma Kundali)

Janma kundali is a photograph of sky at the time of your birth, which shows various planetary positions tabulated within 12 houses. This is very important tool in vedic astrology to make prediction or foresee about Individual. We make personalized Janma kundali and PDF copy will be sent via email in 2 days. Just kindly fill in your details in Contact me section. It will be made comprehensive and on request physical copy can also be sent but only across India.

birthrectificationBirth Time Rectification

In Astrology one of the most crucial aspects is correctly knowing birth date, time and place of birth to make janma kundali, which can help an astrologer to answer your all possible questions correctly. However there are cases where a person does not know correct birth date or time. In this case we help them in arriving at the correct birth date and time after analyzing their life events.

Ask Me Questions

Here I suggest the various ways to achieve most of it. I will guide you through the most effective vedic remedial measures which can lessen if not eradicate the problems you are facing or you are suppose to encounter.


  • Career

    • When I am getting new job?
    • What is the suitable timing for changing existing job for better prospects?
    • Am I going to get Promotion this year?
    • I am having a problem at work with my boss. Do you think things will improve or will I have to quit?
    • I want to get a job abroad. When will I go abroad?
    • I have given interview for a job. Will I get selected?
    • I want to switch from Job to business. Do you think I will be successful?
    • When will I settle down in life?


  • Marriage

    • When will I get married?
    • Will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage?
    • How will be my married life?

Also we provide guidance for:

    • Match making and Compatibility checking, while short listing many proposal for the marriage.
    • Any Personal specific questions related to marriage life, Spouse Deceit, Extra Marital Affair, behaviour and emotional problems, Divorce case, Live-in relationship etc.
    • Dating Success; shall my love affair be successful? , Me and my date are planning to get married, will it be successful? , Will the girl / boy I love become my Date?


  • Education

    • Which education stream will suit me?
    • Will my son/ daughter get admission in specific school /college?
    • Which subject to choose in Graduation or any competitive exams?
    • Will I get visa travel to a foreign country for education?
    • Will I get admission for higher studies?


  • Children’s

    • I have been married for a long time. But till date I have not conceived? We are medically fit? Should we still keep any hope? Or adopt a child?
    • I had a miscarriage. Will I conceive again and give birth to a healthy child?
    • How many children’s shall I have?
    • When shall we plan for the next child?
    • How is the health of my new born?
    • Most suitable time of birth for a cesarean child?
    • Can you help me understand my child’s behaviour?  He is timid personality and we want to know his mental status?
    • Can you help me understand my child’s behaviour?  He throws temper tantrums often?


  • Health and Medical

    • I have to undergo severe surgery? What are the chances of Recovery or survival?
    • I had an operation last month. I am not feeling well and my recovery is very slow. When will I recover fully and why I am not recovering speedily?
    • I had undergone surgery for multiple fractures, but till date I am not fully cured. Doctors are divided on their opinion as to whether or not I need another surgery or I shall recover with medicines. Astrologically can you point out whether further surgical intervention is needed or not? Chances of recovery?
    • What precautions should I take in my life to live healthy?


  • Personal & Family Matters

    • Me and my brother had dispute pertaining our jointly hold partnership business? Should I continue with him or separate our business?
    • How can I improve relationship with my mother or father?
    • We have an ancestral property? How much share of the property I will get?


  • Buy / Sell ; Profit / Loss

    • In which Investment vehicles (like Stock, Gold, Silver, PPF, Fixed Deposit, Commodity, and Property) should I invest? What will be suitable for me and fetch higher return?
    • I want to sell my flat/ apartment/ house/ land. Will I make a profit or not?
    • I want to purchase a property. When should I Purchase it?
    • When shall I own a property, car etc?


  • Business

    • Will I get finance from the bank for my new project?
    • When I will get license for my business?
    • When will I get my money from our debtors? Will I recover it in near future or I will lose it?
    • I owe a lot of money to other peoples. Will I be able to clear my debts? If yes by when?
    • When will my business be steady?
    • I am working on a big project at present. Will it be successful?  Will I make money or lose money?
    • Will my income increase/decrease in the near future?  Will it be a significant change?
    • My X-Business Partner has filed legal case against me?  What are my chances of winning it?

Note: We charge nominal fees for our services.